11 Things Not To Say To The DJ

Doesn't matter if your in a Rock Club, Top 40 Club, Hip Hop Club, or a Club that caters to everyone.

These are 11 Things that you should not say to the DJ
(and I've had all 11 of these things said to me (plus more) during my career as a DJ, although most of the time majority of the following has been said to me at diverse clubs where all genre's of music is played)

#1 - "Man this song is wack, play something I can dance too?" - (ANSWER) Everything can be danced too (can't help it if you can't dance to it) We as DJ's are here to play for more than one person, so what you might think is wack, might be somebody else's favorite song.

#2 - "Man you got to play something with a beat" - (ANSWER) Every song has some kind of beat. (what the hell are you smoking)

#3 - "I don't know the name of the song, but it goes like this......" 
Don't come up to a DJ and start singing a song, if you want to hear something at least know who the artist is

#4 - "Can I Make a request... Everybody wants to hear it"
What did you manage to poll the whole club while the music is on blast to find out that everybody wants to hear that song. Be patient, you'll hear your song eventually

#5 - "Man if you play this song for me I will get laid tonight"
Umm... I could care less if you get laid tonight, and if it takes me playing a song for you to get laid, then you need to step your game up.

#6 - "Can I hear a song?" - Alright - "Let Me see what you got" -
Don't come up and ask to hear a song, and then want to start looking through our music. If you don't know the name of the song you want to hear then you don't need to hear it. Professional DJ Equipment is expensive (more than most people's cars) so don't come fuckin' with our equipment, or we'll have to fuck with you, and you won't like it.

#7 - "I requested a song an hour ago, can I hear it now"
(ANSWER - No, (unless your the one paying me) - you will eventually hear your song, if a DJ is mixing an uptempo song, and you ask for a song that has a much slower BPM then it might be awhile before you song get's played, it's nothing personal. Enjoy the night. We are not a Jukebox, and we are not CD DJ's that just play shit. We Mix, and there is an art form to it.

#8 - "Excuse Me, Nobody can dance to this shit"
Ummm... just because you can't dance to it, and just because you don't like it. Don't come insulting the DJ. True story I've had people come up to me and say that, and the dance floor is packed. If nobody could dance to it, then explain to me why the floor is packed.

#9 - "you got to play some booty music"
Alright "Booty Music" is classic Miami bass tracks like "Luke", "2 Live Crew", "DJ Taz", etc...
Know the difference between "booty music" and "twerk" music.
In other words know the correct genre of the type of music you want to hear.

#10 - "can you play my request soon, we're about to leave"
I can't tell you how many times people use to say that to me at a certain club I use to spin at. Alright from a business stand point we are trying to keep you in the club all night, if your going to dip as soon as I play your request, then why should we play it now, we might as well wait until the end of the night to play it. If your going to leave then leave, don't come tell me about it

#11 - Don't come and request some off the wall wack shit, and then try to offer $5 for us to play it. If it's hot it will eventually get played. I don't care if you want to give me $50, if the song is wack I'm not spinning it.  Now if you want to tip $10 - $20 to hear your "Hot" request right away then that's different.

To sum all of this up like DJ Toast said "Let us take you on a musical journey, I'm sure you can make a dope ass iTunes playlist, but this is what we do for a living, we don't come to your job and tell you how to flip burgers, or grab the mop out of your hand, or tell you how to close that major business deal.