Rihanna Gives Grandpa The Business On Stage At Loud Tour

My semi-obsession with RiRi continues........ She took her Loud Tour to her homeland of Barbados. During a particular performance RiRi pulls an older gray haired gentleman on stage and proceeds to give him a very raunchy lap dance. RiRi can be seen straddling and gyrating on the older gentleman. Check the pics of RiRi giving pop pop tha business.  (this almost reminds me of what Janet Jackson use to do for her song "Would U Mind")

 More Pics plus previous RiRi lapdance video along with Janet's version of her on stage lap dance after the jump :)

Here's a video of Rihanna performing the Lap Dance on her tour (No Video of the one with gramps yet..lol)

And we can't forget Janet Jackson's awesome lapdances she use to give on her tour..............